Heraldric Records of Cavin

By Clark CAVIN

One instance of use of unregistered arms in Scotland by a Caven is in Transactions - Dumfriesshire and Gallowgy Nat. Hist. and Antiquarian Soc._Seattle Publ. Lib. No vol. I (1912-1913) pp 99 - 131, "List of Armorial Bearings Noted in Dumfriessire and Adjacent Coiinties", by J.Bell Irving ,esq. James, farmer 1839 Kirkgunzeon. Checky. Crest A lion's head.

Miscellaneous references to Cavens in Transactions-Dumfriessire an Gallow Nat.Hist. and Antiquarian Soc. Seattle pub. lib. NO:Vol.11 pp 64-76 "The maid of Enterkin" by Dr George Neilson.

The CAVINS FAMILY originated in Scotland, and emigrated from there to 1 and settled in part of Ireland afterwards known as Cavan County. About the year 1745 three brothers emigrated from Ireland to the U.S. and settled in New Jersey. The name at that time was "CAVIN". One of these brothers, whose name is to the writer unknown, moved to Lynchburg, Virginia.

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