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As to reunions - our particular branch does have a reunion every 3 years - usually held in Indiana but has been in Illinois. There is nothing complicated about it. There are 2 men who handle the mailings, etc. One is John J. Baughman, Sr., 704 Highwood Ave., Greencastle, IN 46135. He is a retired History Prof. from DePauw University. The other is Scott Cavins who is son of Dr. John A.(lexander) Cavins, 36 Twin Shore Ct., Carmel, IN 46032. Alex Cavins is a cancer specialist and 1 am enclosing a copy of a newspaper article regarding him. Alex Cavins was the son of Dr. A. W. Cavins (now deceased) of Terre Haute, IN who was an obstetrician. Probably this 3 year reunion will continue to be held in Bloomfield, Indiana where a female descendant still lives at the old "home place". 'Me reunion is usually held in a church, etc. and the meal is catered. It lasts about 3 or 4 hours with Dr. Baughman giving a talk (and showing slides) about the Cavins history & family.

It was from this branch that I got a copy of "History of the Cavins Family, as written by Elijah Cavins, Bloomfield, Indiana - compiled between 1876 and 1904". Elijah Cavins was with the 14th Indiana Vol. in Civil War and 1 typed his letters in cooperation with the Indiana State Library where Elijah's mementos are deposited.

Elijah's history says in part - "'Me Cavins family originated in Scotland, and emigrated from there to Island, and settled in that part of Ireland afterwards known as Cavan County." "About the year 1745 three brothers emigrated from Ireland to the U. S. and settled in New Jersey. The name at that time was Cavin. One of these brothers, whose name is to the writer unknown, moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, and added "S" to his name, pronouncing it Cavins. Later he moved to Loudoun County, Virginia and settled near Waterford. He raised a large family of children, but the only names that are now known are Jesse and Edward, and probably Thomas. There two children, and probably others, were born in New Jersey.

In my own research, on the 1880 census Isaac Cavins says his father (Joshua Cavins) was bore in New York. We have rot found any records to document any of this.

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