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You have reached the site of the Swiss-French-US genealogical study group for the Cavin family. It was set up in 1993 in Lausanne, in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. This site brings together information about the genealogy of the Cavin family in Switzerland as well as in France. Site:

Our wide-ranging research has shown that those who share this family name, scattered as they are today across many countries, have a common origin. Our task is to uncover the formal links between these members of the Cavin family.

During our research we explored three sources of information: 

a)     In the archives of the registry office of the Canton of Vaud in  Switzerland and those in certain French Departments, we found the tables of civil status, lists of passports, marriage certificate, etc.  

b)     Various organisations like associations and specialised societies helped us determine where best to seek information about the family name in Switzerland, Europe and America. 

c)     Reference books allowed us to better understand the environment and the living conditions of our ancestors at different periods in time.

Thanks to these resources, which we summarise here, you will be able to have a general view about the Cavin family.

A booklet regrouping the complete texts of the investigation is at your  service.  Dialogue: cavin.aime (at) 

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